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does a landlord have to accept section 8

If a landlord chooses to rent to someone with a Section 8 voucher, they make a tangible difference in the world around them. You are within your rights as a landlord or property manager to refuse Section 8 tenants. I think it means if the landlord accepts one person's voucher, they have to accept everyone's voucher. If you are a Landlord and have any questions about housing subsidies or other programs, please do not hesitate to reach out! I for one do not feel obligated to support their chosen lifestyle of poverty either. To ease the minds of some landlords, Section 8 officials have said the inspection process is being streamlined to shorten the length of time it takes to have a property inspected. Section 8 also does not accept responsibility for the tenant’s damages. truth on March 28, 2013 at 8:19 am I agree with SMH. In 1999, the State Supreme Court ruled that a Landlord may not discriminate against a prospective applicant based on source of income. A Section 8 landlord must meet certain obligations while providing housing to tenants. They take good care of the property, they’re responsible tenants like anybody else. At the federal level, HUD has taken steps to encourage voluntary participation in the program, rather than pressing for landlord mandates. Yes. The Section 8 process is fairly straightforward. If you feel you are being discriminated against because you have Section 8, you need to act immediately and write down exactly what happened. Los Angeles Requires Landlords Accept Section 8 Housing Vouchers. A landlord cannot advertise as “No Section 8” in a rental ad or property listing description. Being a landlord that works with Section 8 vouchers can be very profitable because Section 8 housing is in such high demand. The Los Angeles City Board of Supervisors has passed an ordinance that prohibits landlords from refusing tenants who pay rent through Section 8 vouchers beginning January 1, 2020. The landlord evaluates the acceptability of the voucher holder as a tenant using the same criteria she would apply to any other prospective renter. This program is not for Section 8 Housing Vouchers, please contact your local housing authority to apply; The Section 8 Landlord Incentive Program provides financial assistance to landlords to mitigate damages caused by tenants under the HUD Housing Choice Voucher Program, commonly known as Section 8. You don't have to accept section 8 in my city. Have written criteria of what you accept as tenants. This is a truly biased article. Steps to take. To begin receiving Section 8 tenants, start by contacting your local PHA to inquire about Section 8 housing landlord requirements. The first and most important obligation is that the landlord’s housing units must meet safety and health standards. Step 1 Contact the public housing agency (PHA) that covers your area. Are landlords required to accept Section 8 vouchers? New Jersey law makes it illegal for a landlord to refuse to rent to a person who has a Section 8 voucher or another type of housing assistance. As a landlord, I will not subject myself or the neighborhood I live in to the poor life choices of others, regardless of how much the rent is. You may instead hear program names such as Unison Housing Partners and Housing Choice Voucher in reference to government-assisted voucher programs. To Accept or Not to Accept We are still surprised at the number of landlords who claim that they do not accept Section 8 tenants. 1. There should be something to stop this discriminatory practice. Once the local public housing agency (PHA) determines a property owner is eligible to rent under the program, the landlord may enter into a rental agreement with a tenant. In our experience, most of the tenants are great. Local city or county PHAs typically issue and administer Housing Choice Vouchers, although some state PHAs do as well. ... Taylor is a Housing Choice Voucher holder and is looking for a new place to live, but he has struggled to find a landlord who will rent to him. Each state has its own housing authority office, and many cities and counties also have their own PHAs. However, it's not a completely clear-cut situation. In most places in the U.S., this will be 3X. While I recognize that there are many reasons you could find to deny housing to a voucher holder, I hope you will see that those kinds of reasons tend to deprive folks with few opportunities and reward those who have known only privilege. In selecting a tenant, a landlord can also look at whether you have the ability to pay your portion of the rent. Section 8 Landlord Incentive Program. As a Section 8 landlord, you benefit by receiving the government's share of the rent, guaranteed, monthly. If the tenant damages property, therefore, the landlord may have to pursue the tenant for retribution. In order to become a section 8 landlord, a person can fill out an application with his local public housing agency (PHA) to have his property listed. Section 8 is the federally funded assistance program for low income households. A number of other cities and states have passed ordinances prohibiting discrimination based on source of income; however, many make exceptions for Section 8 vouchers because of the requirements placed on landlords participating in the program. If a landlord elects to accept a Section 8 recipient as a tenant, he must enter a contract with the local Section 8 program administrator (usually a public housing authority), and comply with federal program regulations on such matters as lease terms and changes to them, rent increases, and eviction. They also have provided assurance that landlords are still able to maintain their current credit and background checks. In order to operate a Section 8 rental, the local housing authority must approve both the landlord and the property itself. ! How Do I Qualify to Accept Section 8 Housing Assistance Payments for My Rental Units? Different housing authorities may have their own requirements, but typically any landlord can use the Section 8 program, including private owners and property managers. It’s worthwhile to learn how to apply for the program and how to find houses for rent by owners who accept Section 8 vouchers because it can save you a lot of money. 8 in the first place. The court will have to accept your landlord's grounds for possession before they decide whether you have to leave. This applies to tenants who obtain Section 8 while already tenants in a house or apartment, and to tenants who are seeking to rent from a landlord for the first time. Now, the Metropolitan St. Louis Equal Housing and Opportunity Council (EHOC) has filed its first lawsuit against local landlord M. Jaffe Group for “discriminating” against Section 8 tenants.. In most states, you cannot turn down Section 8 renters simply because they receive a subsidy. Cite: N.J.S.A. Once you have agreed to accept a Section 8 subsidy, an inspector will contact you to make an appointment for inspection. HUD Landlord Rights. Be sure you are up-to-date on these types of programs as you now must accept them as applicants. Philly lawyers think so, according to discrimination complaint. The term Section 8 has unfortunately gained a negative connotation in the real estate sector. Landlords are not obligated to accept Section 8 vouchers. You're not required to participate in section 8 at all-- unless, like someone else said, you get a tax credit or are otherwise registered in the section 8 program. 05/07/2019 by Steve Penny. Section 8 vouchers help make housing more affordable, but not every listing in your apartment search will take them. How to become a Section 8 Landlord and rent to a Section 8 tenant - A Section 8 landlord is someone that has had the necessary inspections needed to certify their property as decent and safe housing. You can find yours at HUD's website. It’s accomplished by putting a minimum income requirement of some multiplier of the rent. 10:5-12(g). Explaining why a landlord or property manager does NOT want additional government intervention in their BUSINESS is an art so that callers/applicants realize it is not THEM that landlords do not want, it is the government intrusion that they are rejecting! LANDLORDS DUTY TO SECTION 8 RECIPIENTS. Several states and localities REQUIRE that landlords accept Section 8 as well as military residents under the "source of income" class. Plus, you’ll have a much lower vacancy rate which will, in turn, lead to more profits. If you do, the tenant could most likely file a discrimination claim with a city, county or state office of civil rights or housing agency. Section 8 is simply another form of payment, not a deciding factor. Unfortunately, i n Illinois landlords are not required to rent to section 8 voucher holders, and landlords that do accept the vouchers, may have properties in great neighborhoods but will only rent to section 8 voucher holders in less desirable properties. These reasons include: The landlord is not authorized to rent to Section 8 tenants because the property did not go through registration and inspection. Of course, no landlord has to accept Sec. Even though you have to follow additional rules and regulations put out by HUD, these are not that restrictive.

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