Let’s Work Together


A real political thriller, with multiple endings and also multiple choices that will require you to make ambiguous decisions.


The mood here is decisively obscure, in a future where corruption, racism and a dystopian utilitarianism seem to stand above all else.

Pixel Food

The ingredients for a great thriller noir are all there! The choices that the player will be asked to make during the story will be extremely significant.

Game Legends

Captivating and atmospheric, Dry Drowning is a visual novel that has interested us at first glance. thanks to a dystopian future that has been stained by an endless criminality.


An intuitive and innovative investigation system almost contrasts with the complexity of the narration and the actions that will follow.

17K Group

An intuitive and innovative investigation system contrasts with the complexity of the narration and of the subsequent actions. A strong character, fully developed by the choice system.

Immersive Storytelling

A tense hard-boiled narrative, with the possibility to experience three completely different endings.

Moral Dilemmas

A story that pushes the boundaries of morality, asking the player to make the right decision in a rotten world.

Art Direction

A sophisticated art direction inspired by graphic novels and exalted by a beautifully moving soundtrack.

Social Commentary

A dystopian dark world inspired by classic cyberpunk works yet grounded in our present reality.

Psychological Introspection

Complex and intriguing human characters, struggling with themselves and tormented by their inner demons.

Narrative Experience

A true story-driven experience entirely constructed around text and character development.