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VLG Publishing signs a multi-product exclusive contract with Studio V

In order to reinforce its portfolio, VLG Publishing signs a multi-product exclusive contract with Studio V.

Founded in 2016 by Italian screenwriter Giacomo Masi, Studio Oneiros, from now on Studio V, is a boutique developer involved in the creation of impactful narrative titles, drawing on an experience gained in the field of television production and graphic novels. Studio V’s debut title is Dry Drowning, a sci-fi adventure set in a dark metropolis, where the boundary between good and evil is always blurred, and the tormented characters are described in their dark and bright hard-boiled aspects. With its highly suggestive storytelling, a captivating art direction and a compelling soundtrack, Dry Drowning, soon to be published by VLG Publishing, and after obtaining a special mention in the IndiePrize competition held at the Gamerome Developers Conference 2018, was selected among the 30 finalist titles featured in the EGS – European Game Showcase, a selection of European video games presented at the Game Developers Conference, which will be held from March 18th to 22nd in San Francisco, USA.

The creative team of Studio V, guided by David Logan (X-Men: Mutant Academy, Pac-Man World 2, Heroes Over Europe) and Giacomo Masi, will benefit from the promotion and production infrastructure of VLG Publishing, maintaining its identity as well as the focus on the creation of narratively interesting games, with groundbreaking themes. The products of Studio V will therefore be able to count on VLG Publishing’s marketing and promotion circuit, which will bring to the market remarkable interactive experiences, able to break new grounds in world building and in the psychological deepening of the characters. Currently, Studio V is working on Dry Drowning and on the development of an as-yet-undisclosed story-driven project.

“The strategic agreement with the new Studio V is part of a strategy to strengthen the offer and productive power of VLG Publishing. We are working on the finalization of our portfolio and, over the course of the next few months, we will announce many important and soon-to-be-published products,” said Daniele Falcone, Publishing Director of VLG.

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