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Discover The World of Dry Drowning

Dry Drowning is an investigative visual novel that blends the thriller and the noir genres to create a futuristic dystopian universe, where the boundary between good and evil is always blurred. The central protagonist of the story is Mordred, a lone-wolf turned investigator in search of the darkest secrets behind the tormented capital city of Nova Polemos.

The narration is entirely based on the choices made by the players, leading to a plethora of different endings. But unveiling these mysteries will not an easy task to pursuit. The faceted characters that Mordred will face are elusive and shifty, alternating their conduct between the dark and bright hard-boiled aspects of their lives.

The gameplay features time travel sequences and psychological interrogations that will challenge the player to confront his outlooks on the most sensitive themes, like racism, sexism and immigration.

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